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OSD Certification Number: DE15072458

SBF Certification Number: SBF15071090

ATTN: Brenda Soto
Address: 116 Matthews Drive
Bear, DE 19701
Phone: 302-348-8806

Associated Group(s):

 OSD Industry Type: Consultant

 SBF Industry Type: Service

 OSD Certification: MBE, SBF, WBE

 OSD Type: Hispanic American, Small Business, Woman

Business Description:
Brenda Soto Associates LLC is a Human Performance Improvement Consultancy. We help our clients learn from cross-cultural and international experts, we help you focus on human performance improvements and interventions, and leadership development and custom training solutions including, but is not limited to: 8 Signs of Incompetent Managers, Coaching to Develop Employee Performance, Creating a Team Building Culture, Workplace Fraud, Theft and Violence, Why Smart Employees Underperform, Top 4 Strategies for Motivating and Retaining Employees, and How to Avoid the Seven Biggest Team Building Blunders. Additional services include: Job Matching - best-in-class talent assessment tool matches people with their strengths; measuring factors that mark the difference between success and failure in specific jobs; Pre-screening - ranging from in-depth background checks to pre-employment screening evaluations; Onboarding - companies who implement an effective onboarding program during the first three months of new-hire employment experience 31% less turnover than those who don’t; Managing Performance - our employee performance solutions provide a world-class system for developing, measuring, and aligning individual goals with the strategic priorities of your organization along with coaching employees which maximizes productivity and creates opportunities for improvement on a consistent basis; Leadership Development - our leadership assessments provide objective and quantifiable data to address specific leadership skills in the areas most essential to improving job performance and to make the best possible leadership development and training decisions, we will help you identify managers who need improvement, the areas in which they need further development, and the progress they have made toward improving the necessary skills; and Succession Planning - why recruit outside your company for talented people when you can develop the ones you already employ? Our 360 degree assessment is a valuable tool in helping you develop a succession strategy. It is used primarily to evaluate the skills and effectiveness of your managers and leaders compiling a feedback system from direct reports, peers, and supervisors, with a personalized program for developing specific leadership skills based on that feedback.

OSD Certification Number: DE08091339


ATTN: Joyce Muller
Address: 100 West Main Street, Suite 310
Lansdale, PA 19946
Phone: 215-855-4633
Fax: 215-855-5318

Associated Group(s):

 OSD Industry Type: License Professional

 OSD Certification: PAMWB, WBE

 OSD Type: White American, Woman

Business Description:
A URAC accredited independent review organization. Services include Data abstraction reviews, coding reviews, quality reviews, case review services.

OSD Certification Number: DE10051278

ATTN: Betsy Wheeler
Address: 1001 S Bradford Street, Suite 9
Dover, DE 19904
Phone: 302-744-9267
Fax: 302-744-9287

Associated Group(s):

 OSD Industry Type: Other Services

 OSD Certification: WBE

 OSD Type: White American, Woman

Business Description:
Grant writing, program design and management services for Boards, Coalitions and other consortium and special projects. Specializing in health, social and community services.

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