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OSD Certification Number: DE09071580

ATTN: Ms. Marisabel Shahnami
Address: 1268 Upsala Road
Sanford, FL 32771
Phone: 407-302-2237
Fax: 407-302-2293

Associated Group(s):

 OSD Industry Type: Consultant

 OSD Certification: MBE, WBE

 OSD Type: Hispanic American, Woman

Business Description:
Provides comprehensive radio system communications engineering and consulting, IT development and programming, 800MHz rebanding, and drive coverage testing. Focus in public saftey communications.

OSD Certification Number: DE14072219

SBF Certification Number: SBF14071041

DBA: Delaware Transformative Justice

ATTN: Rosario Calvachi-Mateyko
Address: DBA: Delaware Transformative Justice, 304 Pilottown Road
Lewes, DE 19958
Fax: 302-645-0224

Associated Group(s):

 OSD Industry Type: Consultant, Other Services

 SBF Industry Type: Service

 OSD Certification: MBE, SBF, WBE

 OSD Type: Hispanic American, Small Business, Woman

Business Description:
Restorative Justice training, facilitation and program development for schools, organizations, judicial systems, social work systems, communities and churches. Restorative Justice is a peaceful and value-based approach that informs personal and community living. Using restorative justice, individuals, families, organizations, communities and systems support themselves to build capacity for good-doing and resilience, by using inclusive restorative justice processses to address human needs in all facets of life. The restorative justice perspective prepare them better to deal with democracy building, with planning and envision the future, and with transforming disputes, conflict, crime and massive violence in learning opportunities to grow, evolve and be enlighten. Key Awords: Conflict transformation, Circle process, NVC-based Peaceful Communication, alternative processes for incarceration or punishment, alternative process for juvenile offenders, victim's rights, trauma healing, racial justice's restorative approach, wound's of war's restorative process, transformative justice, school discipline, Spanish bilingual, multi-cultural, Circle process, dialogue process, Family Group Decision Making, restorative justice in prison, restorative juvenile justice, correctional institutions, restorative reentry programs, Engaging Latino Families training for social workers and probation officers, restorative alternatives for domestic violence, writing Manuals and Facilitator Book for Restorative Justice, public speaking, how to reach out to other advocacy organizations, miscellaneous school and instructor, human resources community services, individual and family services, vocational rehabilitation services, independent artists, writers and performers.

Vistas UnlimitedOSD

OSD Certification Number: DE09101671

ATTN: Frances Griffith
Address: 353 Greybull Drive
Bear, DE 19701
Phone: 302-836-1798
Fax: 302-836-1798

Associated Group(s):

 OSD Industry Type: Consultant, License Professional

 OSD Certification: WBE

 OSD Type: White American, Woman

Business Description:
Provides individual nutrition counseling services.

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