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OSD Certification Number: DE10091385

ATTN: Kimberly Brown
Address: 1450 South Rolling Road, Suite 2.095
Baltimore, MD 21227
Phone: 443-543-5576
Fax: 443-543-5574

Associated Group(s):

 OSD Industry Type: Consultant, General Services

 OSD Certification: MBE, MD DOT, WBE

 OSD Type: African American, Woman

Business Description:
We provide comprehensive and integrated compliance resources for biotechnology, food/beverage industry, green sustainability, healthcare, crime labs, and water utility facilities. We specialize in quality program development for clinical trials, GLP, and GMP in the US and the developing world in accordance to the current regulations and industry standards. Our expertise includes development of quality manuals, commissioning master plans, and validation master plans with the supporting training, document control change control, deviation, material management, calibration and preventive maintenance programs.. We develop custom software for quality systems, clinical trials, and environmental data trending. Service provided include equipment calibration and preventive maintenance, validations for process, equipment and software, electrical safety testing, equipment obsolescence analysis and six sigma services tailored to FDA regulated activities.

OSD Certification Number: DE14072236

ATTN: Stanley J. Wiley
Address: 1 Joanne Ct.
Bear, DE 19701
Phone: 302-312-5780

Associated Group(s):

 OSD Industry Type: Building Trade, License Professional

 OSD Certification: DelDOT, MBE

 OSD Type: African American

Business Description:
Dewitt Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. is a full mechanical service provider with consulting experience in saving energy and money in Commercial, Industrial and Residential Facilities. Our company specializes in serving the mechanical needs in Schools, Hospitals, Military Bases and Local Businesses. We provide an array of services such as: Heating, Air Conditioning, HVAC, Installations, Service, Repair, Troubleshooting, Consulting (Operations & Maintenance), Construction, Supplier, Controls, Calibration, Commissioning, Training, Safety, Material Management, Mechanical Service and Preventive Maintenance. Master HVACR licensed in Delaware, Maryland, and Warm Installer License in PA—Philadelphia, OSHA – 30 Certification.

OSD Certification Number: DE16122713

SBF Certification Number: SBF14041020

ATTN: Patricia Gentile
Address: 2207 Concord Pike, Suite 135
Wilmington, DE 19803
Phone: 800-322-2609
Fax: 856-423-8062

Associated Group(s):

 OSD Industry Type: Supplier

 SBF Industry Type: Service, Wholesale

 OSD Certification: WBE

 OSD Type: Small Business, White American, Woman

Business Description:
Sales and service of commercial physical therapy, sports medicine and wellness equipment. Providing repairs, yearly modality electrical safety inspections, calibrations and equipment setups and moves. Specializing in: Electrotherapy: Ultrasound, Muscle Stimulation, Combo, Light and Laser. Hot/Cold Therapy: Hydrocollator Hot Pack units, Paraffin Bath, Short Wave Diathermy, Chilling Units, Cold Packs, Immersion Tanks, Compression units, Fluidotherapy Whirlpools: Hydrotherapy, Full Body, Extremity, Podiatry and Sports Cardio: Treadmills, Rehab Treadmills, UBE-Upper Body Exercisers, Upright Bikes, Recumbent Bikes, Ellipitcals, Steppers, Active/Passive Exercisers Testing/Diagnostic: Vestibular Balance/Cuncussion Testing units, Isokinetic Extremity Testing Systems& Upgrades, Muscle Strength & Functional Capacity Evaluation Kits, Hand Dynamometers Treatment Tables: Hi/Lo, Mat Platform, Mobilization, Traction, Bariatric, H-Brace,& Athletic Training Pre-Owned Equipment

Professional Conveyor South LLCOSD

OSD Certification Number: DE05090601

ATTN: Tracy Wieland
Address: 2886 Landyns Circle, P. O. Box 15611
Ferandina Beach, FL 32035
Phone: 904-261-5396
Fax: 904-261-6496

Associated Group(s):

 OSD Certification: DelDOT, WBE

 OSD Type: White American, Woman

Business Description:
Installation, Service, Maintenance, Repair & Parts for Baggage handling, postal handling, material handling and conveyor systems nationwide. DelDOT Certified

OSD Certification Number: DE16102683

SBF Certification Number: SBF14071047

ATTN: Melissa Pingue
Address: 20444 Pingue Drive
Milford, DE 19963
Phone: 302-424-3670
Fax: 302-424-4764

Associated Group(s):

 OSD Industry Type: License Professional

 SBF Industry Type: Construction, Retail, Service

 OSD Certification: WBE

 OSD Type: Small Business, White American, Woman

Business Description:
Sales, Service, Installation and integration of Low Voltage Security, CCTV, Access Control, Sound, and AV Sytems.

SBF Certification Number: SBF19051286

DBA: Tower Business Systems

ATTN: Kevin Laird
Address: DBA: Tower Business Systems, 278 Quigley Blvd.
New Castle, DE 19707
Phone: 302-395-1445
Fax: 302-395-1085

Associated Group(s):

 SBF Industry Type: Retail, Service

 OSD Certification: SBF, WilmCity

 OSD Type: Small Business

Business Description:
Authorized reseller for Hewlett Packard, Xeros, Okidata, and Lenovo. Provides service repair for Hewlett Packard, Xerox, and Okidata alone with all supplies and accessories associated with these devices. Managed print services. Keywords: Hewlett Packard, Xeros, printer service, plotter service, printer supplies, copier service, scanners, computer services, check sealers, paper shredders, supplies.

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