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OSD Certification Number: DE19013071

SBF Certification Number: SBF19011233

ATTN: Yemina Israel
Address: 400 McCabe Ave
Wilmington, DE 19802
Phone: 302-932-8179

Associated Group(s):

 OSD Industry Type: Manufacture, Other Services, Supplier

 SBF Industry Type: Manufacturing, Retail, Wholesale

 OSD Certification: MBE, SBF, WBE

 OSD Type: African American, Small Business, Woman

Business Description:
Addi Naturals is a farm-to-product company, focusing on hair and skin care product lines, perfumes, and teas. Addi Naturals grows many of its own herbs, flowers, tea leaves and then dries the leaves, uses steam to extract the essential oils, and cold presses to extract for carrier oils and for citrus oils. These are manufacture into products for use and consumption, for wholesale and retail. Addi Naturals manufactures, wholesales, and retails natural and organic ingredient products including: bar soaps, liquid soaps, shampoos, conditioners (leave in and wash out), hair butters and creams, hair solutions, body oinments including for nail fungus, daily moisturing spray for hair and skin, and roll-ons perfumes. Toners including facial and body for ance, discoloration, and oil secretion. Tea for drinking and for vaious body needs including hair stregthening to stop sheding and breakage. Teas for detox, elimination, constipation, and digestion. Keywords: hair care, skin care, natural, organic, tea, herbs, plants, flowers, perfume, frangrance, shampoo, conditioner, toner, soap, cream, oil, vegan, roses, aloe, essential oils, shea butter, cocoa butter. Honey, mint.

OSD Certification Number: DE17112888

SBF Certification Number: SBF17111158

ATTN: Ann Lieber
Address: 560 North 500 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84106
Phone: 801-521-0313
Fax: 801-433-1038

Associated Group(s):

 OSD Industry Type: Manufacture, Supplier

 SBF Industry Type: Manufacturing, Wholesale

 OSD Certification: SBF, WBE, WBENC, WOSB

 OSD Type: Small Business, White American, Woman

Business Description:
Manufacturing and Wholesale Chemical Company providing Ice Melt- Liquid Specialty Product and Laundry Detergent.

OSD Certification Number: DE16082651

ATTN: Kimberly Aigle
Address: 31 West Loockerman Street
Dover, DE 19904
Phone: 302-674-1303

Associated Group(s):

 OSD Industry Type: Manufacture, Other Services, Supplier

 OSD Certification: MBE, WBE

 OSD Type: African American, Woman

Business Description:
Manufacturer, Wholesaler, and Retailer. ARTISAN SOAP: manufactures: Pomegranate & Acai, So Figgin' Fresh, Unscented Shea, Coco Carbon, Yucca, Black Soap, Patchouli, Oakmoss & Sandalwood, Tranquil, Pear Quince, May Chang, Ocean Breeze, Caramel Musk, Mango Sorbet, Ginger Lime; & Retails: Fresh milk shea butter, lavender chamomile, Victory, Naval, Accomplishment, Productivity, Lavender Sage Goat Milk, Black Raspberry Vanilla Goat Milk, Oatmeal Milk Honey Goat Milk, Green Tea White Pear Goat Milk, Passion Fruit Goat Milk, Custom Soap; BODY SCRUB: Manufactures: Body Scrub: Mango Sorbet, Pink Grapefruit, Rolling Vineyard, Tuscan Olive, Pear Quince, Clover Burst, Mini Mint Walnut Polisher & Retails: Cupcake, Tahitian Vanilla, Ariel, Seashells & Starfish; BODY OIL: Manufactures: White Tea & Ginger, Mango Sorbet, Sweet Nectar, Tranquil; BODY BUTTER: White Tea & Ginger, Mango Sorbet, Sweet Nectar, Unscented, Verbena Milk, EFUA Premium Shea, Tranquil; SOLID LOTION: Floral Blossom, Homme, Almond Honey; FOR MEN: Shave Soap, Beard Serum; ACCESSORIES: Cold & Flu Salts, Retails: Soap Dish, Fancy Shower Cap, Ramie Soap Pouch, Facial Brush, Round Massaging Back Brush, Men's Shave brush, Men's Shave Mug, Good Wipes-Gals, Good Wipes-Guys, CANDLES: Manufactures:Pear Tree, Cactus and Sea Salt, Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper, White Ginger & Amber, Retails: Black Moss, Bergamot & Tarragon Candle, Moroccan Spice, Orange Vanilla, Rosemary Mint, GENERAL: Manufactures: Lip Dip: Orange, Sweet Mint, Unflavored Retails the remaining: BATH FIZZY: Lucy in the Sky, All You Need Is Love, Go To Sleep Little Baby, Tupelo Honey, Lion Sleeps Tonight, HAND LOTION: Orange Blossom Honey, naked bee Lavender, naked bee Sandalwood, naked bee chai tea, naked bee orange blossom, naked bee pomegranate ESSENTIAL OIL: Lemongrass, Tea Tree, Bergamot, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Frankincense, Lemon, Rosemary, Sweet Orange, Clove bud, Peppermint, Sage, Clove Bud, Patchouli SHOWER BURST: Gift Set- Pure Essential, Stress Buster, Clarity, Eucalyptus, Headache Buster, Lemongrass SOAP NOVELTY: Greek: AKA, Kappa Alpha Psi, Omega Psi Phi, Phi Beta Sigma, Alpha Phi Alpha, Sigma Gamma Rho, Zeta Phi Beta, Delta Sigma Theta, SOAPY SPONGE: The Beach, Vanilla Bourbon, Milk & Honey, Coconut Milk, Island Vacation, Raspberry TEA: Dressed to the Tea, Always in Hot Water, Steep Right Up, Pinkies Out, Earl Greyer, Daily Green Tea, Vanilla Almond, Orange Ginger Mint, English Rose, Lady Cora Evening, Get Clean, Get Happy, Get Well, Honey Ginseng

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