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OSD Certification Number: DE19033146

SBF Certification Number: SBF19031260

ATTN: Marcellous Butler
Address: 409 Chester Avenue, Suite-B
Annapolis, MD 21403
Phone: 888-777-2813
Fax: 866-596-7172

Associated Group(s):

 OSD Industry Type: Building Trade, Consultant

 SBF Industry Type: Construction, Service

 OSD Certification: MBE, MD DOT

 OSD Type: African American

Business Description:
Alpha Energy, LLC is a developer of community scale wind energy facilities, solar energy solutions, energy efficient audits, and commissioning services for newly constructed commercial buildings. Our projects provide clean power and grid stability with the goal of energy cost savings. We provide turn-key development and renewable energy services and solutions for Commercial, Industrial, Federal, State and Municipal clients. Key Words: Renewable Energy Assessments, Offshore Wind Development Services, Operations and Maintenance of Renewable Facilities

OSD Certification Number: DE19063248

SBF Certification Number: DE19063249

ATTN: Judith Mondre
Address: 1800 John F. Kennedy Blvd, Suite 1504
Philadelphia, PA 191037401
Phone: 215-988-0577
Fax: 215-988-0579

Associated Group(s):

 OSD Industry Type: Consultant

 SBF Industry Type: Service


 OSD Type: Small Business, White American, Woman

Business Description:
Energy efficiency and sustainability; alternative and renewable energy development and procurement; energy commodity purchasing and risk management; information technology and regulation; communications; and strategic planning and management. Our clients span the governmental, commercial and industrial, and institutional sectors of the economy. Our services encompass: energy auditing – benchmarking, load profiling, conservation measures identification, savings analysis, measurement and verification (M&V), capital investment/return, and best practices; energy procurement - hedging/risk management strategies, tariff rate analysis, demand response programs, renewable energy supply and credits, aggregations, and bill auditing and account reconciliation; sustainability - carbon neutrality, zero net emissions, micro-grids, and resiliency; distributed generation - renewable technologies (solar, wind, geothermal), combined heat and power (CHP), and off-take, energy services and power purchase agreements; project finance and management – transaction structuring, financing arrangements, owner’s representative services; and strategic planning and program management – supply-side and demand-side integration, budgeting and performance measurement, and communications and outreach.

OSD Certification Number: DE14102279

ATTN: Ibrahim Kalle
Address: 31 E. Stonewall Drive
Middletown, DE 19709
Phone: 302-530-1893

Associated Group(s):

 OSD Industry Type: Consultant, General Services

 OSD Certification: DelDOT, MBE, MD DOT, WilmCity

 OSD Type: African American

Business Description:
Develop a sustainable energy performance plant for government entities, schools, hospitals, commercial and industrial facility and residential homes, solar energy design feasibility studies, feasibility study of geothermal heating and cooling in commercial and industrial buildings, emerging technology consulting (e.g. Energy storages, smart grid products, electric vehicle chargers for homes, workplace and public places), Manage load demand response and energy efficiency programs, manage, auction revenue right (ARR) and annual financial transmission right (FTR) for our clients, small and large generations, wind generation and merchant transmission interconnection studies, power system consulting, load supply management, generation scheduling services and research and development areas (R&D) in the areas of energy, environment technologies. Services include: Sustainable energy efficiency and renewable energy (Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Biomass) designs and implementation with project finance advices ; Energy audits and energy performance contracting with project financing advices; Public policy, business policy and energy market analysis, local economic development; Assistance buying, selling and regulating wholesale power and retail electricity; Demand response program and Wholesale power trading; Retail electricity broker; Transmission and large generation interconnection and engineering studies; small generation (solar, wind, geothermal, biomass) interconnection and financing studies; Assistance with technology transfer and financing to advance renewable energy; Utility bill auditing and management, and tariff analysis for your facilities

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